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Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid !
Communications Line: (954) 537-3162

Prime Directive: To seek out StarTrek fans everywhere and to boldly go where no ship has gone before
Who is the Triumph ? What is the Triumph ? Where and when do we meet ?

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Who is the USS Triumph ?

The USS Triumph is group of Trek fans of all ages and walks of life, who get together to make our local and
global community a better place according to Gene Roddenberry's dream and have fun along the way in Trek

We are individuals that of course love Star Trek, when we say all walks of life we weren't kidding. Some of us are Bjoran, Ferengi, Klingon and even Human. We work hard and we play hard, we are the USS Triumph.

Feel free to contact the Command Staff ...

Capt Joe DobsonCO USS Triumph
Cmdr Bill HartXO
Cmdr Debe FisherMedical
Lcmdr Kal KaufmanEngineering
Lt Brian KuhlSciences
Ensign H HershkowitzCommunications
Ltjg Maud FreilfelderSecurity

What is the USS Triumph ?

The USS Triumph is the Broward County, Florida chapter of Star Fleet International , The International STAR TREK Fan Association. Star Fleet International has been in existence for over 20 years and is composed of 4000+ members made up of 100+ ships world wide. The USS Triumph is part of Star Fleet's Region 2 . Click here to visit StarFleetClick here to visit Region2

Where and when does the

USS Triumph meet ?

The USS Triumph meets the 3rd Saturday of every month at the Davie town hall at 6:00 PM.
The Davie town hall is located at 6591 Orange Drive in Davie, at the South end of Broward County.

For those of you that are not familiar with the area, here are the directions:

Take Interstate 95 or the Florida turnpike to Griffin Road and head West. Orange Drive parallels Griffin Road and is on the North side of the canal. Between University Drive and Davie Road (closer to Davie Road) you will find the town hall.
Dress is casual, leave the Tux and tails behind, but a shirt and shoes would be appropriate .

USS Triumph activities

SOP: Always, check the Comm Line: (954)537-3162, prior to any away mission !
9803.14 Satfirst contactOakwood Barnes and Noble1300
9803.15 SunMobil car washSheridan and 441 0900
9803.21 Satgeneral meetingDavie town hall 1800
9803.28 Sunphone-a-thonWDZL @ WPB 0900
9804.18 Satgeneral meetingDavie town hall 1800
9805.16 Satgeneral meetingDavie town hall 1800
9805.17 SatMobil car washSheridan and 441 0900
9806.20 Satgeneral meetingDavie town hall 1800
9807.19 SunMobil car washSheridan and 441 0900
9809.20 SunMobil car washSheridan and 441 0900
9811.15 SunMobil car washSheridan and 441 0900

622nd Marine Strike Group

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