TRIUMPH Against All Odds

Last updated on Stardate 1905.06

Comm Line: (954) 927-6904

The Prime Directive:
To seek out StarTrek fans everywhere and to boldly go ...
Where no ship has gone before

Pictures from Trek Happening X at South Regional Library
with guest Manu Intiraymi from Star Trek: Voyager
Saturday, August 10, 2002

Knights of Pendragon  (276 kb)

Knights of Pendragon  (149 kb)

Knights of Pendragon  (12.9 kb)

Kal the Race-Roc  (133 kb)

Manu with Maud and Maureen  (323 kb)

Star Trek Trivia with Mary Lynne  (57.1 kb)

Carol and Maureen at the Trek Auction  (122 kb)

Melissa, Part-Borg  (125 kb)

Manu (90.9 kb)

More Manu  (14.1 kb)

Manu at the autograph table  (13.6 kb)

Jedi Knight Lisa Cuoco  (118 kb)

Captain Bill Hart, Melissa and Maureen  (12.4 kb)