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TRIUMPH Against All Odds

Last updated on Stardate 1905.06


May Meeting

The next meeting of the USS Triumph will be held May 18 at Lum’s Restaurant, 4125 SW 64th Ave Davie. General meetings are on the third Saturday of every month at 6:30 P.M. Dinner is ordered first, followed by the meeting.

Triumph Calendar  

April 20 - General meeting at Lum’s in Davie
May5-Air/Sea Show at Greenbelt Park approx 12 PM
May 11 DH Meeting at Carol Corbin’s and articles for May Tribune due
May 18 General Meeting at Lum’s in Davie      

Captain’s Column

The Region 2 Summit was great. One of the events was the annual Mini Golf match. The Mini Golf was held in side an amusement building, along with a movie theater, roller rink and a merry-go-round. One of the things that really impressed me about the golf course was that on many of the courses they actually had water hazards and imitation sand traps.
    The USS Triumph's latest mall walk happened on Sunday April 7th at the  Coral Square Mall. Attending members were Bill Hart, Kal Kaufman, Carol Corbin, Maud Freifelder and Maureen Sheehan. We shopped and talked to everyone we could about our ship. A couple of events coming up will be the Air & Sea show on Sunday May 5th and the opening of the latest Star Wars movie on May 16th.
Captain Bill Hart USS Triumph  

Security Report   

I have been busy this past month doing the last rewrite of my persona. I hope that you all enjoy reading it. I had a lot of fun creating it.
   I'm been playing games on the Internet on a great website called Gamehouse. The url is I originally found it via my ISP link to the Games area. I enjoy playing a version of Pong called 'Knock 'Em Out' and 'Collapse' which goes fast and faster as you try to click off groups of blocks before they get to the top of the frame.
     You can also play Reversi against the computer who I'm sure learns your moves as you play and plays faster and more competitive as you go along. Try some of the Solitaire games as well. There's enough here to keep anyone entertained for hours if there is nothing to watch on tv or you don't have any new books to read.
    I continue to enjoy watching 'The Next Generation' almost daily. Voyager reruns have been moved to Sundays at 6pm. I had to laugh about a week ago when on a Sunday at the same time, one of the HBO channels was running "The Motion Picture", TNN was running their TNG marathon and UPN was running a Voyager rerun. If that isn't enough Trek for anyone, I don't know what is ! Trek seems to be very much alive IMHO and I"m glad for it.
Submitted by : Lt.Commander Maud "malqa" Freifelder Chief Security Officer USS Triumph NCC-26228  


    This is the third time I have lost this issue of the newsletter to the Great Bird of the Galaxy.  The report I wrote twice before will not be repeated.

    Family matter kept me from having the time and energy from completing the persona issue this month.  So the little innocents have one more month to turn in a persona before I slice and dice them.
Carol Corbin Science/Communications  

Starfleet Renewals

When your membership is expiring, give your renewal to Captain Hart 2 months in advance so he can send it in or give him all pertinent info. The new address to send renewals is Starfleet membership processing PO Box 460 Gaithersburg MD 20884-0460  

Star Trek Episodes

Enterprise - WBFS-33 (UPN)

April 17 "Sleeping Dogs" 8 PM
April 24 "Detained"  8 PM
April 30 "Vox Solis"  8 PM
May 01 "Fallen Hero"  8 PM
May 08 "Desert Crossings"  8 PM
May 15 "Two Days and Two Nights"  8 PM
May 22   Season Finale 8PM    

Next Shuttle Launch

May 30: STS-111 Endeavour to International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center.  

Trek Fun

Enterprise Theme Song
As you probably know, the theme song for the new series is Russell Watson's "Faith of the Heart." What you may not know is that several other songs were considered. If you have heard of any more to add (originals only, please), let me know!