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TRIUMPH Against All Odds

Last updated on Stardate 1905.06


Who is the Triumph ?

The members of the USS Triumph are Trek fans from all walks of life and ages.
Our crew consists of Terrans, Bajorans, Ferengi and even Klingons.
We were brought together by Gene Roddenberry's dream, which was to make our local and global community a better place by working together.

We work hard, We play hard, We are the USS Triumph.

Feel free to contact the Command Staff ...

Name Department Email
Capt Bill Hart CO
Cmdr Kal Kaufman XO
Lt.Cmdr Maud Freifelder Security  
Lt.Cmdr Carol Corbin Communications/Science  
Lt.JG Jon Madon Medical  
Lt.Cmdr Melissa Karnosh Engineering  
Lt.JG Harris Hershkowitz Communications